Aeroplex Repaired Hydrofoils!

Aeroplex, the Hungarian MRO has come to the aid of MAHART shipping company in a special collaboration in which the aircraft maintenance company has helped repair two hydrofoils using technology brought from the aircraft industry. Although Aeroplex technicians specialise in repairing Airbus and Boeing aircraft, they had no problem repairing the fuselages of the vessels.

Once again, Aeroplex specialists carried out a special job. This time, the aircraft maintenance company’s structure repair specialists were involved in repairing floating craft, not aircraft. Although MAHART PassNave’s vessels, called BÍBIC I and BÍBIC II, are wingboats, they do not fly, but their construction is very similar to that used in aircraft construction. Aeroplex Ltd., a regional leader in aircraft maintenance, was therefore the most suitable company for the repair work.

It is no exaggeration to say that Aeroplex’s structure team repaired the fuselage using aircraft technology: the same method is used for the maintenance of aircraft in the hangars. Aeroplex, which specialises in the repair of the best-known Airbus and Boeing aircraft, carries out hundreds of similar jobs every year, often tasks that are not available in many other places in the world.

“Being an aircraft maintenance company, we have never shied away from special orders either,” said Norbert Tóth-Keresztes, Hangar Maintenance Manager of Aeroplex Kft. “Our team of professionals performs world-class work, which is highly appreciated by our customers, which is why we carry out several special repairs every year that cannot be done elsewhere, but our employees can.” Tóth-Keresztes added, “We are pleased to have been invited by MAHART PassNave and see this collaboration as a great example of the strong partnerships between Hungarian companies and skilled professionals.”

Although the repair work carried out by Aeroplex is only a small part of the complete ship refurbishment project of MAHART, it will make a major contribution to ensuring that the hydrofoils continue to serve the Danube passenger traffic in a reliable and enjoyable way.