In our workshops, we possess a broad range of component maintenance capabilities, enabling us to cover the entire maintenance process. All of this is achieved using the LEAN philosophy, executed flexibly and with short turnaround times.

Components for repairs can be dispatched to us from any location around the globe.


Sheet metal

Aeroplex’ sheet metal workshop offers a valuable service in issuing ARC (Aircraft Release Certificate) for C rating repairs, specifically for C4 and C20, which include doors and structural elements.
We provide comprehensive structural inspections for all Airbus and Boeing aircrafts, for which our Base Maintenance Business Unit has a certificate.
Our expertise is primarily applied in SRM chapters 51-57, covering standard practices, doors, fuselage, nacelles/pylons, stabilizers, windows, and wings. We also use AMM to a lesser extent.

Our services include:

  • Thorough inspections of aircraft structures, addressing issues through repairs or complete replacements
  • Protective treatments
  • Various heat treatments on different components: this process includes obtaining manufacturing authorization for components not available elsewhere in the world
  • Access to original factory drawings and produce the component (SMAL), followed by the heat treatment mentioned above, to achieve the required hardness
  • Cold machining,
  • Utilizing specialized tools for bore hardening
  • Lightning strike repairs for the fuselage

Our commitment is to ensure the structural integrity and safety of your aircraft.


Aeroplex is able to issue ARC under C rating repair after the performed composite repair for C4; C8; C20 (doors, flight controls and structure elements) 

Composite repair types

  • Wet layup repair at room temperature with fiberglass, carbon, and aramid (Kevlar) and epoxy
  • Prepreg, fiberglass, carbon hybrid reinforce epoxy laminates
  • Non-metallic honeycomb sandwich repair
  • Hot bonded metal to metal
  • Vacuum oven for multiple repairs

Repairs under AMM and SRM

  • B737 CL & NG
  • A320 Family, A330


Repairclave and Autoclave repair capability extension are in progress.


At Aeroplex, our commitment is to ensure your aircraft’s interior reflects the highest standards of comfort, functionality, and safety..
Our Interior Workshop specializes in:

Cabin Enhancement

  • Passenger cabin reconfiguration
  • Overhead bin modification
  • Minor upholstery repairs
  • Galley and lavatory repairs for contracted partners (on-wing)
  • Passenger seat repairs (on-wing)

Flooring Solutions

  • Textile and non-textile floor replacement
  • Sliding carpet repair

Structural Excellence

  • Lower sidewall panel (dado) recovering
  • Insulation blankets repair
  • Lightning strike repairs for the fuselage
  • Emergency equipment relocation (on-wing)

Specialized Touch

  • Polishing of passenger cabin outer window pane (Boeing)
  • Service bulletin performance in passenger cabin
  • Tedlar replacement on galleys, lavatories, partitions


Aeroplex operates two paint booths, the bigger one (66 sqm) is designed to support parts from the base and line maintenance, which is capable to accommodate even a Boeing 757 Rudder. The smaller one (30sqm) features a state-of-the-art paint booth, paint mixing room and ergonomic downdraft sanding table to ensure even higher quality workmanship and faster turnaround for customers.

In both of our paint booths we are capable to fully control the temperature and the humidity to be able to meet all kinds of paint manufacturer requirements. We also have a portable spray paint dust extractor system. Due to this extractor system, we are able to do partial repaints in hangar conditions up to 4sqm size with spray gun. Our colleagues have high experience in painting aircraft parts and we are always proud of quality and our passion for the paint jobs what we finish.

Engine Hardware

Aeroplex established a dedicated engine hardware repair shop to perform overhaul services on engine parts. The business has started its operation with CFM56-5B and 7B parts. Aeroplex has the technologies to extend its current capability with composite and some metal part repairs. The shop is equipped with state of art technologies, such as parts-controlled furnace, 4D scanner, automatic hot bonders, special equipment.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our impressive Turnaround Time (TAT) of just 14 days, meeting your urgent needs efficiently. With a track record of On-Time Delivery (OTD) at 100%, you can rely on us for timely and dependable solutions.

Wheels & brakes

Capability includes all processes required to complete Wheel and Brake overhauls including inspection, non-destructive testing, painting, and final assembly, and repairs. If you are in a hurry we can perform AOG service. There is also space for your consignment stock at our facility.

  • Wheels manufactured by Goodrich, Honeywell, Meggitt and Safran (Messier-Bugatti-Dowty)
  • Steel and carbon brakes manufactured by Goodrich, Honeywell, Meggitt and Safran (Messier-Bugatti-Dowty)
  • Special repairs of wheel halves, piston housings and other structural parts
  • Management, sale and re-treading of all tires manufactured by Goodyear and Dunlop
  • Competitive prices and short TAT
  • Warranty administration directly with OEMs
  • Short lead time to build up capability for your wheels & brakes

Service porfolio:

  • Boeing  737CL and NG, Boeing767
  • Fokker70/100
  • Bombardier CRJ, Bombardier Q400 (DASH-8)
  • Airbus A320 family
  • Airbus A330
  • Experienced with GOODRICH, HONEYWELL, MEGGITT and SAFRAN wheels & brakes
  • B737 sliding windshield
  • B737 hydraulic swivels

Emergency & oxygen

At Aeroplex’s Emergency and Oxygen Workshop, we specialize in aircraft safety features. As a US DOT-approved hydrostatic test shop, we specialize in Hydrostatic Test of Reservoirs and Hoses, ensuring the utmost reliability. Our expertise extends to comprehensive Overhaul of Valves, including meticulous Testing and Adjustment of Regulators, guaranteeing peak performance. Aspirator Overhaul and Testing further underscores our commitment to precision. We also provide meticulous Fabric Repairs and Coating.

Emergency service portfolio

  • B737 CL, B737 NG, B767 and Fokker 70/100 slide/rafts;
  • Preparation for A320 Family slides

Oxygen service portfolio

  • Static and portable oxygen cylinders charging for various platforms (AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER, FOKKER, EMBRAER)
  • Mobile oxygen refilling cart at Liszt Ferenc International Airport to charge oxygen for airplanes with external filling port

Avionics lab

Our avionics shops fully comply with manufacturers’ and authorities’ regulations, ensuring alignment with customer requirements and industry standards.


  • Headset, handset, microphone
  • Passenger control unit
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • Solid State Flight Data Recorder
  • Safety megaphone
  • Thermal, pressure switch
  • Window heat controller
  • IFE system elements (monitors)
  • Overhead module assembly
  • Control Panel and Audio Selector Panel
  • Underwater Locator Beacon battery
  • Standby altimeter


  • Main battery
  • Emergency battery
  • Battery power supply
  • Battery charger for IFSD


  • Oven
  • Oven control module
  • Water heater
  • Coffee maker
  • Beverage maker


  • Interior lights (cabin, cockpit window, ceiling, emergency, reading light)
  • Exterior lights (retractable landing light, anti-collision)

Nondestructive testing

Our NDT team has experience in AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER, FOKKER and various  component NDI works. We are flexible and able to perform many inspection on outstations also.

  • Eddy current and Eddy Current Array inspections
  •  Radiographic inspections
  • Magnetic particle inspections
  • Fluorescent penetrant inspections
  • Ultrasonic and Phased Array Ultrasonic inspections
  • Thermographic inspection
  • NDT training solutions:
    • Aeroplex is a Hungarian Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing Board (HUANDTB) approved       training organization.
    • Our Level 3 Team is approved to train our own NDT specialists.


Our Machine Shop provides precision machining services for a wide range of tasks. Our responsibilities also include supporting adjacent areas. Thanks to our machining equipment, we can handle a variety of machining tasks.

Maximum workpiece dimensions for machining:

  • Diameter: 1000 mm
  • 1400 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm

Our tasks include:

  • Manufacturing components as approved by the manufacturer
  • Turning raw bushings to size
  • Replacement of bushings and bearings
  • Removal of broken or seized bolts
  • Thread repair
  • In-house tool repairs