Aeroplex Central Europe Aircraft Maintenance Center Ltd. was established on June 30th with 720 employees including the whole technical staff of Malév Hungarian Airlines. The company was jointly owned by Lockheed Martin and Malév, with a 50-50 percent share. When Aeroplex was founded, its main task was to provide comprehensive maintenance services for Malév’s aircraft  as well as starting  third-party hangar maintenance and line maintenance. Aeroplex had gained extensive knowledge and experience of providing component repair to Russain aircraft. Aeroplex’s completely equipped facility and staff was fundamental to transform this service to the western fleet aircraft. The new company helped Malév reduce its specific maintenance costs. By this time more modern aircraft would take the place of the Russian models and therefore Boeing and Fokker became the major aircraft types in the Malév fleet. Impressive changes were made in operation and maintenance as well. Aeroplex eventually grew into Malév’s best maintenance service provider related to several aircraft types.


Aeroplex was the first company in Eastern and Central Europe which received the FAA approval.


Malév had acquired Lockheed’s ownership stake, becoming the sole owner of the company.


Aeroplex already employed 850 people.


Malév outsourced a 30-member engineering team to Aeroplex. In 2002 several activities were transferred back to Malév such as full line maintenance while some parts of the engineering service, maintenance planning and logistics were reintegrated into the parent company, resulting in the establishment of Malév’s Technical Directorate. However, hangar maintenance, component repair with the necessary engineering and logistic support remained at Aeroplex.


Aeroplex received the US DOT approval which is unique for hydrostatic testing. Aeroplex received the approval for Bombardier Line, Base and Component maintenance.


The entire technical activities of the Malév group were consolidated under Aeroplex again, supplemented with the full management of operational equipment (procurement, storage, repair).


The establishment of a new external site in Moscow has begun. At its peak, it employed a total of 100 people. The base operated until 2010.


Aeroplex started the preparation for the Airbus A320 Family base and component maintenance and received the EASA approval. Aeroplex started establishing a stronger third party business and received the necessary authority approval in the following years such as TCCA, Bermuda, Russian, Aruba and a lot more. Aeroplex started the full support of MALEV Q400 fleet.


Aeroplex was the first MRO in Europe to qualify and initiate the installation of a satellite-based inflight broadband internet access system for its customers. During the two-year project, nearly 50 upgrades were performed on 737NG-800 types to implement this system.


Malév ceased operations, and Aeroplex became owned by the Hungarian state through the Hungarian National Asset Management Corp.


The reorganization of Aeroplex began, with a focus on stabilizing the company and putting it on a profitable and growing path, based on diversification. Separate business segments were evolving resulting in a winning strategy, the development an expansion of our three main segments – aircraft maintenance, line maintenance, and component repair.


Aeroplex renewed and extended the composite repair shop to start the engine hardware business within its component repair business.  Soon after that Aeroplex acquired other engine parts from one of the largest engine manufacturers and started a partnership as a supplier of several engine parts repair. In the same year Aeroplex received the Hungarian Military Approval and started to provide full maintenance, CAMO and full logistic support for the A319 transport aircraft. 


The foundation stone of a new hangar capable of accommodating wide-body aircraft maintenance was laid. The 8,000-square-meter hangar was designed in the area between the existing ACE hangar bays and the Wizz Air hangar. During COVID Aeroplex hired more than 160 people and we strengthened our position and gained new long-term businesses in the cargo aircraft maintenance.


Aeroplex received the UK CAA authority approval. The helicopter business segment was launched with the maintenance of the air ambulance fleet being carried out in collaboration with consortium partners. Also in the same year, a new base was opened at Debrecen Airport where line maintenance is performed by ACE.


The new wide body hangar was inaugurated and put into operation from day one.


Aeroplex started to implement the En9100 quality system for NDT services. Aeroplex received the Chinese Authority Approval for component repair especially for engine parts. Aeroplex started the outside Component Repair project with moving the Wheels and Brakes shop and Engine Hardware Shop next to the airport in a 7400 Sqm facility.