Turkish Airlines Inc.

On 3rd of July TC-JLS returned to BUD after takeoff due to failed bolt which was attached to Flap lever. Captain couldn’t changed the flap position and it landed with safely with Flap 1 with high speed. The failed bolt Had dropped under the radio panel. After we opened the door captain had no hope and told me its impossible to solve The problem and most likely the aircraft will no go.
But then Mr.Olajnek Zsolt came to airplane from ACE . After he checked the situation he said he will fix it with Much confidance. His confidance made me decide to keep passengers onboard to prevent further delay. He detached the radiıo panel and flap lever carefully, and after 30min he was able to find the bolt. Then he attached it to its position, and we were goo to go, after some needed flap tests. During the whole work, Mr. Olajnek Zsolt was always in communication with us and the Captain, He dealt with the problem Very professionaly. On behalf of Turkish Airlines heartfelt thanks to him.