Ministerial recognition for Árpád Demény, CEO of Aeroplex Ltd.

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The Ministry responsible for management of national assets has awarded the Merit Medal for State Asset Management to Árpád Demény, CEO of the Hungarian state-owned aircraft maintenance company, Aeroplex of Central-Europe Ltd.

According to the justification, the successes achieved under Árpád Demény’s leadership far surpass the company’s previous achievements. Thanks to his leadership methods and human management, which draw on his experiences in other industries and his dedication to aviation, he has created and continues to create significant value for Aeroplex Ltd. by unlocking synergies.

The Merit Medal for State Asset Management can be awarded by the Minister responsible for the management of national assets to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance in the field of state asset management in the period leading up to the award. Up to thirteen Medals of Merit can be awarded annually to employees of state-owned economic companies under the Minister’s ownership exercise, with the presentation taking place on the occasion of the national holidays of March 15 and October 23. This year’s presentation was postponed to the current date due to the pandemic situation.

Árpád Demény holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University. From 1992 to 2003, he worked at General Electric, where he held various positions in Hungary and the United States. After a brief period as a technical director in the operation of food industry machinery, he served as the Technical Director and later the CEO of PCC-AFT Europe Kft., the Hungarian subsidiary of the American multinational company PCC, from 2004 to 2009.

With a broad range of experience in corporate management, manufacturing, production, design, and plastic and metal injection molding, he entered the world of aviation in 2009 when he accepted the appointment from Aeroplex Ltd., initially as a department head and later as a technical director. In 2011, he moved to Székesfehérvár and became the Technical Director of Bericap Bt., a German multinational company.

He returned to the aviation industry in 2015 as the Technical Director of Aeroplex Ltd. and was appointed as the CEO of the company in 2016.

As previously reported, the CEO received the Manager of the Year 2018 award in 2019 from the Hungarian National Asset Management Company in recognition of the company’s performance in the previous year. Article in Hungarian