Aeroplex is on growing track, the Managing Director was awarded as the Manager of The Year

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The Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. (MNV) awarded Árpád Szilárd Demény, Managing Director of Aeroplex Central Europe Ltd, the Manager of The Year 2018 Award, in recognition of the outstanding and successful work done as the head of the company.

(from left to right) Andrea Bártfai-Mager, the Minister responsible for the management of national assets, Árpád Szilárd Demény, Managing Director of Aeroplex Central Europe Ltd., Zsolt Rózsa, CEO of MNV. (Source: Aeroplex)

Árpád Szilárd Demény earned the Hungarian National Asset Management’s Manager of the Year Award. The recognition was awarded by MNV on 1st of February 2019, during the opening ceremony at the Pesti Vigadó, by Andrea Bártfai-Mager, the Minister responsible for the management of national assets and Zsolt Rózsa, the CEO of MNV.

The prestigious acknowledgment proves the responsible and effective work done by the Managing Director at Aeroplex Ltd, emphasizing that it is the merit of all the employees of the company, the joint success of their teamwork.

In the past 3 years, Aeroplex Ltd has implemented a real and conscious reorganization along a new strategy.

The LEAN based proactive system was also a change of culture in the company’s life.

Aeroplex Ltd has launched several strategic projects, co-operates with the Hungarian Ministry of Defense, as well as major players in the power plant business; it has also established long-term partnerships with major foreign customers.

The company supports Hungarian education as a priority, to this end, they developed a new career model that supports the stay of young people in Hungary.

Under the program, the strategic cooperation and scholarship program of the dual training system, which is already successfully operating in the automotive industry, will increase the number of young aircraft industry professionals remaining in Hungary.

Aeroplex Ltd was able to reverse its previous negative operating and financial results and in 2017 the company achieved a result close to the break-even point, while in 2018 the company generated a profit of more than half a billion Hungarian forints.

In addition to the new operational, strategic and financial results, it is most important that Aeroplex Ltd, as one of the last major bastions of the Hungarian aerospace industry, is stable and growing, restoring and rebuilding the international and domestic reputation of Aeroplex Ltd.