ATC 747 welcomed at Aeroplex base

2023 started with a truly huge surprise for us: a Boeing 747 Jumbo of AEROTRANSCARGO Airline arrived as a guest at our base in the Liszt Ferenc Airport, for the first time in Aeroplex’s history! The few-day visit was unexpected, as the plane remains here in Budapest completing a scheduled freight flight until completion of planned scheduled maintenance task on aircraft performed by ATC engineers, supported by ACE specialists.

The aircraft was transferred to the technical base of Aeroplex for a planned routine inspection and checks on the aircraft. Aeroplex Line maintenance engineers continued with planned maintenance work and troubleshooting of minor technical defect on the aircraft along with ATC engineers at technical base of Aeroplex.

The giant with a length of 71 meters and a wingspan of 64 meters could easily fit in Aeroplex’s new wide-body hangar, delivered last year, but all the company’s hangar spaces are full during the winter season. ACE’s hangar spaces were reserved by customers months in advance, as most airlines schedule mandatory major maintenance for this time of year, when fewer people travel. Even so, the 747 will not be left without care: it is expected to take off again within a few days after the planned maintenance checks and repair on minor defects have been completed.