Aeroplex inaugurated a renewed machine shop

February 14, 2024 – Aeroplex’s Machine Shop has undergone a complete renovation worth close to 1.3m EUR. Aeroplex has further strengthened its industrial base, providing it with unique capabilities in the European MRO market.

With brand new milling and lathe machines, modern work tools, a heavy-duty crane and a complete CNC machining centre, Aeroplex has significantly modernised its Machine Shop, where aircraft components and tools are manufactured.

MRO companies typically focus on light and quick repairs and maintenance, and therefore tend to maintain an infrastructure optimised for this activity. As part of its successful strategy, Aeroplex, which has been growing and expanding steadily for 8 years, operates an extensive workshop base to handle more complex aircraft maintenance projects requiring extensive industry back-up.

Such complex work includes sheet metal and composite structural repair, aircraft cabin interior repair, painting and surface treatment, or component maintenance from electrical systems to other parts. This wide range of capabilities, built up by Aeroplex over more than 3 decades of history, has not been reduced but further modernised in recent years in view of its strategic role in the Hungarian aviation industry. Part of this strategy is the renovation of the workshop.

Aeroplex’s Machine Shop enables machining and production according to aerospace industry standards, and the modernisation has further enhanced its capabilities in this field. The workshop primarily manufactures components and individual structural repair elements according to manufacturer’s licenses, and also produces tools and elements necessary for the assembly of other aircraft components.

Norbert Keresztes-Tóth, director of Aeroplex Base Maintenance Business, emphasized: “The renovation of our workshop is a value-adding and value-creating investment that will no doubt pay for itself in short time. As part of our long-term strategy, we will be able to provide a significant industrial background at European level at our Budapest base, not only to serve our own operations, but also to serve third-party customers.”

Aeroplex will also continue to develop the Machine Shop as part of the overall infrastructure modernisation of its workshops over the coming years. The value of the improvements made so far is close to 1.3m EUR. The aim is for to maintain Aeroplex’s competitive advantage in the European MRO field and to further strengthen the Hungarian aviation industry in the region.