Aeroplex Expands with New Paint Shop

9 February 2023 – Aeroplex of Central Europe Ltd. has delivered yet another major development: a new paint shop, doubling the existing workshop capacity. The new workshop features a state-of-the-art paint booth, paint mixing room and ergonomic downdraft sanding table to ensure even higher quality workmanship and faster turnaround for customers. The development, with associated investments, cost 1.2 million euros.

Aeroplex (ACE) continues to expand and grow. In addition to the new wide-body hangar, handed over less than a year ago, conscious capacity development is taking place in all segments of the company. As a result, there are more aircraft maintenance projects than ever before at ACE’s base at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, and the component maintenance business is also booming. In order to grow further, ACE is progressively renovating and expanding its work areas. The most recent upgrade is the paint shop, where the structural elements, interior panels and aircraft components undergoing maintenance are being given a new appearance.

The expansion of the paint shop was also made necessary by the fact that Aeroplex’s Component Repair business is receiving a large number of new orders for the overhaul and painting of engine hardware and aircraft wheel and brake components. These parts are being sent to Hungary from all over the world in the hundreds or even thousands to have the necessary maintenance carried out by ACE specialists. In addition, there are a large number of unique parts and special requests. The repair work is followed by surface preparation and painting, which is now carried out in the paint shop with its increased capacity.

With the new painting chamber of the shop, ACE is not only able to fulfil more orders, but also to carry out more specialised, precision painting work than before. The new area can now be used to paint even more aircraft parts requiring special treatment. Thanks to its excellent lighting and special air handling, the working environment is also much more ergonomic.

Ferenc Hortobágyi Component Repair Manager of Aeroplex said, “Thanks to the persistent work in recent years, we have tripled the number of orders coming into our paint shop, which made it essential to expand the capacity established nearly 20 years ago. I am delighted to inaugurate the new workshop, which will enable us to offer our customers an even better quality of service, further strengthening our position in the aircraft maintenance market.”

The construction of the paint shop, with associated investments such as the complete replacement of the air handling systems and other necessary facility renovations, exceeded €1.2 million.