Aeroplex and Romaero Signed Cooperation Agreement

A cooperation agreement between AEROPLEX of Central Europe Ltd. and the Romanian ROMAERO S.A. was signed. The new contract enables the Hungarian company to expand its activities and carry out aircraft maintenance for its own customers at Băneasa Airport in Bucharest, involving the facilities, infrastructure, tools and specialists of the Romanian aircraft maintenance company.

The agreement between AEROPLEX and ROMAERO represents a mutually beneficial cooperation that builds on each other’s strengths. This cooperation keeps and further develops essential professional knowledge and skills within the region, strengthening the Hungarian aviation industry in a long-term and sustainable way.

Árpád Demény, CEO of AEROPLEX, emphasized at the signing: The agreement just signed is an important step towards the realization of our long-term business strategic goals, which aims to strengthen AEROPLEX’s presence in the region. The expansion of the successfully proven business model at AEROPLEX and its establishment at the Bucharest base creates an opportunity to maintain and further utilize ROMAERO’s values.”

ROMAERO CEO Bogdan Costas said: “Today marks a significant milestone for ROMAERO as we forge a strategic partnership with AEROPLEX. This agreement is not just a business arrangement; it is a robust collaboration that leverages the unique strengths of both our companies to enhance our services and expand our operational footprint.”

In recent years, AEROPLEX has significantly increased and strengthened its market positions both domestically and internationally, and has now become a key player in the European aircraft maintenance sector.

With the agreement, a new maintenance base will be established under the auspices of AEROPLEX, which positive news for all involved partners and clients, whether they are aircraft operators, parts suppliers, or other aviation industry players. The new facility offers the opportunity to make AEROPLEX’s services and quality they ensure even more widely available in the region.

Aircraft maintenance is a specialized activity that is a crucial background process in aviation, significantly contributing to keeping air passenger and cargo transport the safest mode of transportation. Thanks to the successful expansion of recent years, the name of AEROPLEX also means a kind of guarantee in addition to quality and reliability, so that additional doors can be opened in the direction of regional expansion by adding the capacities of ROMAERO.