Adult aviation training is starting in cooperation between Aeroplex and BKIK

The students participating in the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) and the largest independent aircraft maintenance company in the region, Aeroplex, will be able to carry out work related to the maintenance of Airbus and Boeing aircraft from all over the world. The joint adult education starting in October.

The Hungarian aviation industry will soon be enriched with new specialists, as BKIK and Aeroplex will launch a unique aircraft painting and surface maintenance as well as maintenance mechanic training course in Hungary on October 7. At the end of the 120-hour course, which takes place in the adult training system, the participants will receive a professional certificate and a job opportunity from Aeroplex.

Aircraft maintenance is a complex process that requires the coordinated work of many disciplines. One of them is the surface maintenance profession, which prepares the structural elements of aircraft traveling in extreme conditions, at a cruising altitude of up to 11,000 meters, at a speed of more than 800 km/h, at an external temperature of -50 degrees. In the painting workshop of Aeroplex, which was expanded this year, the exterior and interior components of the airplanes are renewed with the most modern technology.

Maintenance mechanics are involved in the repair and maintenance of aircraft equipment such as wheels and brakes, which play a key role during take-off and landing as well as ground maneuvering. Aeroplex’s workshop base receives orders from all over the world, relying on the work of Hungarian specialists who perform maintenance at the highest level.

During the joint training of BKIK and Aeroplex, the students receive complex knowledge: they learn, among other things, the theoretical and practical foundations of painting and aircraft surface maintenance, they learn about the technical equipment of different types of aircraft, knowledge of materials, aeronautical documentation management, and maintenance support tools use. In addition to online and in-person theoretical education, students get the necessary practice at Aeroplex’s base in Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. The knowledge gained in this way also contributes to the development of the Hungarian Armed Forces.

“At Aeroplex, we believe in the principle that by joining forces with companies, professional organizations and educational institutions, we can ease labor market challenges. Our training, launched jointly with BKIK, provides practice-oriented knowledge tailored to real needs in the aircraft maintenance industry. With the new training courses, our students will acquire a respected, and predictable profession, even with the possibility of advancement, at a dynamically growing and developing Hungarian company.” said Árpád Demény, CEO of Aeroplex.

“Aeroplex is one of those Hungarian companies that are at the forefront in the field of dual training and provide a solid background for practical training to be carried out at international standards and in real operating conditions. As an accredited adult training body, BKIK is happy to participate in any initiative in which we respond to the specific labor needs of specific sectors. These collaborations can provide an effective answer to the labor shortage problem affecting all industries.” – added Ákos Csókay, Secretary General of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

BKIK has been actively involved in the shaping of vocational training for decades, which includes the adult training courses launched by the Chamber – nearly 600 students participated in 26 training courses in the last 2 years.

Further details on the aircraft surface maintenance and maintenance mechanic trainings are available on BKIK’s adult training website.