Good morning Kristof

Just to give an update on the return to service of G-DHKC, I can confirm that it landed serviceable at LEJ and there were no crew entries in the technical log. Thank you and the team for another successful input, let’s hope KC can perform as well as the last aircraft G-DHKE which entered service faultlessly and 4 weeks on has not had any C check related defects and only 3 minor in service defects.

Best Regards
Paul Alcock FRAeS
Base Maintenance Technical Representitive DHL Air


That is excellent news. As I said in the morning meeting a big thank you from all at DHL to you and the whole team for an excellent service and getting the aircraft out a day early – a great achievement.

Best Regards
Paul Alcock FRAeS
Base Maintenance Technical Representitive DHL Air

Hi All

Please see below report on No Inbd defects from DHLAir LEJ rep

A great result, Thanks to all at ACE for your hard work, attention to detail and flexibility during these difficult times

Kind Rgds

Guy Larkin
DHL Base Maintenance Technical Representitive

Dear Árpád and János,

We would like to thank you and your team for the hard work and support for the 2019 Summer Season. The maintenance team always gave its best to support us.
We had 35% less Maintenance related delays compare to last season, and we are positive that your team is capable of even further improvement in the future.
I wish to name some of your colleagues whom excelled in the past few months. Olah Sandor, Gyurkovics Kalman and Nagy Robert were helping us way beyond the call of duty.

We really look forward working with you and your team in the next summer season with the increased capacity.


Good morning Customer Support,

I have expressed my thoughts of appreciation to DHL management regarding the pro-active reactions and assistance DHL have received from Aeroplex hangar avionics staff and customer services in dealing with the recent issues we all experienced with KS modification and your support throughout all the ADS-B inputs here at ACE facility in Budapest.

Our experiences are positive.

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to invite hangar engineering and customer services staff that made it possible to release KS on-time under very difficult circumstances and to make all these ADS-B modifications successful to join me for a meal this evening as a token of appreciation on behalf of DHL. Please advise accordingly and I will endeavour to book a restaurant in Budapest city centre for 8.00pm this evening for those who wish to join.

Kind regards,
Chris Saville
Base Maintenance Technical Representative DHL Air

Afternoon Szilveszter / Janos and ACE Team,

D-AKNV Departed BUD @ 15:20 Local...
I would like to thank the ACE Team involved for their efforts and the improvements made on this check. With this Aircraft only having a 2 Day Extension, lets aim for an On-Schedule TAT this time with D-ABZE.
Please pass on my thanks to the ACE staff not included in this email.


Best Regards
Allan Mell
Head of / Senior Technical Representative

Good Morning,

I can confirm that G-DHLF arrived in LEJ after a 69 minute flight, it landed fully serviceable and has now been upgraded to full ETOPS. Stefan Kontorravdis DHL Air Technical Director was visiting LEJ yesterday and visited the aircraft and commented that Aeroplex had carried out a very good input. I can also confirm that all the on-site team have been very impressed with the workmanship and support we have received during the input.

Best regards
Dave Johnston Base Maintenance Manager DHL Air

Good Morning Arpad,

Thank you for resetting the priorities and giving your support to fix our AOG 737/OE-IAX sooner. The aircraft and crews were back in-time to support the total flight program! Please pass-on to all involved, our appreciation for your support!
Martin, although busy with the OE-LFB, appreciated very much your follow-up support on the OE-IAX as well! To all, good luck with the last stroke on the OE-LFB/757 C-check.
Have a nice weekend.

Best regards

Sincere Regards,

Ronald van den Bergh.
Technical Director

Hi to all the Areoplex team,

I would like to say a huge personal thank you for your help and support with OO-TFC during the recent input. I was last at Aeroplex in 2014 and I have to say things have changed a great deal for the better. From Airport access, to the new customer suite to the professionalism of Customer support on a daily basis. A special thank you to the two leads, Norbert and Ervin for taking care of the input, our additional requests and keeping me completely informed of the progress of the aircraft in a very professional manor. I hope to work with you all again soon. Have a wonderful 2019

Sincere Regards,

Russell Machin.
Technical Representative for ASL Airlines Belgium.

Dear All,

TFC has been released ahead of schedule after a tight modification slot in good and shiny condition. Thanks a lot for a job well-done and all your efforts! Have a great 2019 ahead and we are looking forward to the next project LFB on the 10th of January!

Kind regards
Benjamin Nolden
Maintenance Planning & Support Manager
B737/B747/B757 Technical Department
ASL Airlines Belgium

Dear Mr. Laszlo,

On behalf of EK-MCC and Emirates Airlines I would like to extend our Sincere Thanks for you thorough timely handling of the above subject delayed flight due to Cargo Door Structural Damage found on arrival. It was particularly helpful that you quickly organized an on-sight HFEC Inspection / Test of the Damaged Area and in addition you provided good communications by phone and eMail. These actions were instrumental in helping us to execute the DDA release in the shortest possible time and minimize the disruption to our Customers Thank-you for your excellent support! .

With Kind Regards,

Mr. Kerry A. Gibbson Maintenance Control Duty Manager Emirates (2018/09)

Dear Eva, and Arpad!

Please let me thank your team and yourself for great reaction and great job on the our unit.

Kind regards,

Adnan Bukic Chief Operating Officer Go2Sky (2018/06)

Captain's report...

"I would like to express my Thanks and Congratulations to BUD :

- the staff of the ground support company in Budapest (pushing the plane, handling the incident at the start of our engine 1),

- as well as to the mechanics who intervened on the engine for their diagnosis and repair."


Barbara Janossy Joint Station Manager AIRFRANCE (2018/01)

Thank You !

Dear Colleagues,

TK1036/30OCT flight was cancelled due to damaged fan blades. To fix the problem, materials and engineers arrived from Istanbul İn the cold and windy evening. Then i heard, that to make Turkish Technic work more comfortable, you repositioned and gave priority To our damaed aircraft in your warm hangar. You provided everything we need. Normaly there was only 1 space for prereserved B767, But you gave us priority. This is really special for us. On behalf of Turkish Airlines, i sincerely thank you for all you have done for this long 26hours of operation.

Kindly submitted for your information

Özgür Ozan ÖZDUMAN | Station Manager Turkish Airlines (2017/11)

BIG Thank You !

Dears, Once again I would like to say big thank you for professional and on time C-Check performed on our SP-HAX. In fact CRS achieved exactly on estimated date. I’m glad for cooperation with Line 2 team and I wish a lot of success like this one. Thank you for planners, engineering, customer service and all involved. For sure I recommend my management to return ACE with next projects.

All Best.

Best Regards,
Piotr Izdebski


Thank You !

Thank you for information. Also i would like to thank you and your colleagues for excellent cooperation.
Have a nice day.

Best regards,

Pavol Galan
Technical Department
AIR EXPLORE (2017/10)


Never forget

The Thrust Reverser of Doom!

Thanks guys...

TNT (2017/09)



Tisztelt Igazgató úr,

Ezúton szeretném köszönetemet kifejezni Korbácska Ferenc úrnak, a Customer csoportnak és még minden résztvevőnek az AirExplore nevében az OM-IEX Boeing 737-800 gépen elvégzett fékszárny csere
és az A-Check Service Check munkák jó minőségű és pontos végrehajtásáért.
A repülőgép AOG volt és nagyon gyorsan kellett dönteni, hogy betudják-e vállalni a nyári szabadságok idején ezt a munkát. Korbácska úr nagyon gyorsan reagált erre a számunkra igen rossz helyzetre.
Bevállalta a munkát, és így a gyors javítás után a repülőgép újra repülhetett a menetrend szerint. Még egyszer köszönet az ACE cégnek.


Babik Ladislav
Air Explore képviselője (2017/07)


The YL-BBQ C-Check

Dear colleagues,

just wanted to give you a brief feedback from Thomas Cook that they are very happy with BBQ delivery condition/ the rectification of the defects that were adressed previously before it went on C Check.
So thanks to everyone involved!! Let's hope for a smooth continuation of the ops!

Have a good day and best regards,

Head of Charter & ACMI Sales
Air Baltic Corporation (2017/06)



Dear Tamas,

Good to read, please express my gratitude to your management and all people involved.

Thank you,

Wizz Air (2017/04)


All Aeroplex’s staff was fantastic

Dear Tamás

Thank you for your mail, and thank you, too, for the kind way I was welcomed. All Aeroplex’s staff was fantastic, logistics and maintenance staff, as they performed tasks, proved to be excellent professionals.
Work was well organized and well supported by the Customer Support.
I believe that Aeroplex is going on in the right track.

Best rgds

Oliveira Dias
Euroatlantic (2017/04)



Tisztelt Igazgató úr

Ezúton szeretném minden résztvevõnek köszönetemet kifejezni az AirExplore nevében az OM-FEX Boeing 737-800 gépen elvégzett A- Check Service Check és a fõ futók tömítése cseréje munkák jó minõségũ és pontos végrehajtásáért.


Babik Ladislav
Air Explore képviselõje (2017/04)


All was perfect

Dear Mr. Demény and all Aeroplex team involved in EC-LZZ:

Regarding our aircraft EC-LZZ 12YRS REV, I´ve been flt on it from
BUD-BCN and all was perfect. No defects found for this first flight.

I want to take a few minutes to thanks everybody involved in this project. When I arrived to BUD last Saturday, the scheduled RTS was for 09/04, after all meetings (and argues) carried out on Monday, we realized that we had a problem, and instead of looking for culpability, we agreed to find solutions making efforts, and you really have done it. The fact is that we have the aircraft ready two days before, 07/04, as we were focused since then. I´m very happy with it and with the way you did it, I mean, increasing the productivity but without decreasing the quality.
I think that the dialogue between Aeroplex (Árpád, Etelka, Bianka, Tamás, Norbert, etc.…), Iberia reps (José Antonio and Marcos) and me has been essential to get the target.

Thanks a lot again guys and hope to see you soon!
Best Regards,

Alberto Gafo
MOC. Technical control
Vueling (2017/04)


Flight without any problem

Dear all Aeroplex team,

Regarding our aircraft EC-LLJ 6YRS REV, to inform you that yesterday performed the flight BUD-BCN without any problem. Just to say thanks a lot to all your team for your great effort during this lasts days in order to have the aircraft ready as soon as possible. I know that was not easy but you got it. Also I would like to thanks our IB reps here for their useful collaboration. Now we are involved in another difficult project, EC-LZZ, where you are focused and I´m sure you are doing your best and we will have it ready according scheduled.

Thanks again, great job.!
Best Regards,

Alberto Gafo
MOC. Technical control
Vueling (2017/04)


Flap replacement

Dear Arpad,

thank you very much for you big help and quick action regarding flap replacement. I really appreciate it.

With best wishes

Go2Sky (2017/04)


YL-BBR and YL-BBS D-Checks

Dear Tamás,
The YL-BBR and YL-BBS D-Checks were more organized and no so hectic comparing with YL-BBX and YL-BBE.I am particular satisfied with Janos team (YL-BBR project).
The project went quite smooth and there was no eventful issues or problems. Many thanks to János Mlinár, János Kása and János Nagy.
The YL-BBS project showed Aeroplex performance improvements as well, but unfortunately the aircraft was released later than it was agreed with airBaltic.
Since the improvements were obvious I don’t want to give a negative feedback at that stage.
I just would like to recommend to maintain a quality and approach to work demonstrated during the YL-BBR D-Check.

Best regards,

Oleg Sudeikin
Boeing 737 Type Engineer
airBaltic (2017/03)


Dear Jacek

To make mention that I have found the Aeroplex Team and the facility
of a very high standard during this C check in Budapest on SP-HAZ.
and would be worth considering making use of them for any future
maintenance inputs. As you are aware the three critical areas at this stage are the LONGITUDINAL BEAM BOLTS ;DECISION REGARDING THE ENGINE BLADE DAMAGE and the PYLON SPARES.
All three of these issues have been regarded as URGENT and AOG so various personnel at both Small Planet and Aeroplex are pushing at expediting the spares and getting a solution in place to avoid a lengthy delay of the aircraft back into service. The C check will be completed as per schedule on the 4th April as planned. Hopefully we will have a clearer picture by tonight.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Mal Hide,
Project Engineer
Small planet (2017/03)

Dear Mal.

Thank you very much for such positive feedback regarding Aeroplex. For sure during another base check planning we will take it under our consideration. Regarding those three outstanding things, I hope we’ll found quick solutions, about which will inform you and Aeroplex when only any info we will get. Thank you once again.

Best regards/Pozdrawiam

Jacek Puzyński
CAMO Manager


Dear Custommer Support team

From the moment I arrived at your facilities, I have been like at home,
very well attended and treated. For me, it has been a pleasure to work
with a team so prepared and profesional. My best wishes for you and all
the ACE people who took me a very good impression.
I hope to see you soon.


José Antonio Sánchez Ruiz
Hangar Planning 6
Aircraft Heavy Maintenance
Iberia (2017/03)

Dear ACE Team,

same feeling I had. Thanks lot for your help and support.




CPCP works and INSULATION BLANKET replacement

Hello Tamas
The maintenance input was very well managed and supported by your
team on the hangar and shop floors.
Very well done and looking forward to the next input.


Robert Eikel
Director of Maintenance
MALETH AERO (2017/02)



Dear ACE Team,
As P4-CLA will be released shortly and I’m soon heading to the airport,
I would like to thank the whole team for this great Job!
Hoping to see you soon again


Nardi Veltman
Vice President Engineering & Maintenance
Fly Comlux ltd (2017/02)


Fast response

Dear colleagues,
I would like to thank you for your support this night. Thanks to Zoltan
and the rest of the team for the fast respond to our problem and for
taking care of our aircraft. It is highly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Teodora Nedyalkova
Powerplant Engineer & Airworthiness Review Staff
Cargo Air Ltd. (2017/02)


Component Repair

Hi Csilla,
We are pleased to work with Aeroplex, so far we have had only positve experience with components being repaired at your shop. This is why we always send our components which are on you cap list to you. We look forward to continue with our great partnership in the future.


Branislav Fekete
AirExplore Logistic Department


Dear All,

ILFC has signed the return acceptance, the aircraft would be deregistered before 2 pm. From now on, ILFC has the responsibility, and all new order should be charged to ILFC. In name of Air Europa, I would like to give our warm thanks to everybody, who has been involved in this project. Without your professional and friendly support, it would be not possible to close; it was a really high quality work that has been done by all Aeroplex staff. I hope very much to see that you will end March with the new project.

all the best




On behalf of American Airlines Regional Maintenance in London and our MOC/SOC int he US, I would like to thank you for all your efforts in getting the AA159 departed today and without it to have a Tech stop in Goose Bay Canada.


Bill Rand
Regional Maintenance Manager – Europe / Asia


During the flight the crew noticed the were 2ea speed bugs missing (minor issue not in the TL) Believe this or not this was the only complaint from the crew. Handling of the Aircraft was good. So in other words perfect exit from Heavy C6 check. Thank you all for very good support and quality of the workmanship.

I´m very happy with Aeroplex Team

Haraldur Siggeirsson
Manager Base Maintenance
Bluebird Cargo


Dear Janos,

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the support that we are currently getting from Aeroplex in Budapest. It is very important for us to have a part­ner like Aeroplex, and your flexibility/agil­ity is important for us in cases like these. Again, I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with your usual quick response and support related to getting our aircraft back to serviceable condition.

Best regards

Gudmundur Bjarnason
Director Maintenance
Bluebird Cargo


To all concerned,

I would like to thank you all for your performance on our Delta flight today (DL99/15Jun). Our service arrived over 4 hours late, however with professional team work we managed to release the aircraft within 1 hour and 9 minutes. With such a short turnaround we contributed to our transfer passengers by giving them a chance to reach their connecting flights and reduce the delay of those passengers with JFK as their final destination.

Appreciated the extra efforts from all of you.

Keep up the good work!
Thank you.
Réka Kiss
Delta ACS Supervisor


of EGME “Weekly Delays’ Discussion Meeting” held today 07/08/2008

I hereby on behalf of EGME Chairman would like to thank all honored members of Aeroplex on the honorable effort exerted in overcoming the above mentioned AOG situation, which is always expected from Aeroplex of Central Europe Ltd, as one of MS distinguishable maintenance providers at out stations.

Kindest regards and respect

Eng. Seif Saad
On Behalf of Eng. Tarek Ghoneim
Our stations Manager –
IATP Airline Delegate
Egypt Air For M&E


Just a few words after this weekend happen­ings.

We had two AOG (NOR and NOO) and the flight to Burgas with LN-NOO with 186 pax home was nearly canceled but finally the avionics found the failed SPCU and NOR was sent to Burgas. Saturday evening short of avionics they also joined us on troubleshooting on LN-NOO. I just want say a big thanks to Janos and the four men from Aeroplex for the support on Saturday evening /night, they helped us a lot.

Best Regards

Øyvind Breilid


Good morning Janos, Istvan,

we had a issue with N327UP yesterday in BUD. The A/C was out of service due to a broken bracket on the main gear. Zoltan Papp was involved into it. He communicated very good and worked this issue in an absolutely professional way. I appreciated that he was handling tha situation in such a good matter.


Mario Stanek
UPS Airlines
Aircraft Maintenance Europe


Good morning Janos,

As you know, I went to BUD due to the AOG situation on A/C N341UP. I would like to take the opportunity to say “Thank you” to all involved mechanics. I recognize the outstanding work and the professionalism of how the situation was handled. Please pass on my regards to all of them.


Mario Stanek
UPS Airlines
Aircraft Maintenance Europe


Kedves Kollégák!

A mai napon (október 14-én), nem sokkal 12 óra után telefonon megkeresett az Ural Airlines légitársaság műszaki igazgatója, hogy köszönetét fejezze ki azért az erőfeszítésért, amit az ACE megtett annak érde­kében, hogy a VQ-BCX jelű repülőgép időben elre­pülhessen. Hozzátette, hogy a minimális késés okát ismerik, és nem tartják az ACE felé felróható körül­ménynek. Megkért, hogy továbbítsam a köszönetét minden ACE-munkavállaló felé, aki elősegítette a karbantartást, illetve részt vett benne. A magam részéről csatlakozom a műszaki igaz­gató úr által elmondottakhoz.

Nemcsok Imre ügyvezető igazgató