ACE News

05/10/2017MRO BEER conference

During the Aviation Week MRO BEER conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 10-11 May 2017, ACE was represented by Árpád Demény, CEO and Csilla Szántai, Commercial Director. Our CEO took part in the closing forum of the event as a speaker, being a member of the session panel, the main topic of which was the certified workforce and the aging of it. This was also one of the main subjects of the conference, an issue both ACE and the represented organizations have been facing recently.

05/04/2017Dual training

Dual training is a form of education that has been active in Europe for many years. Its purpose is to combine theoretical knowledge of the students with practical experience from the beginning of their studies; this way by the completion of the training the students have the skills necessary to meet the challenges of the labor market.

05/04/2017Phased array

Main advantages of using phased array method are: cost effective, reduced TAT, less movement, faster inspection, better reliability, extended inspection interval etc.
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26/01/2017Small Planet Airlines first audit

Our new partner, the Small Planet Airlines perform his first audit on 26 of January at the
Aeroplex successfully, without any findings.
The Compliance Monitoring Manager of the Small Planet Airlines, Ms. Ruta Jasiunaite,
(it was her first visit in Budapest) said thanks for hospitality of ACE staff during audit and told:
"My impression after this audit was really good."

25/01/2017Annual inspection from Bluebird Cargo

On 25 of January our old- new partner, the Bluebird Cargo performed his annual inspection at the
Aeroplex. The director of Quality and compliance of BlueBird Cargo, Mr. Gudni A. Kristinsson during
audit take 2 recommendations, and declared our operation to ready to cooperation with Bluebird Cargo.