The foundation stone of a new hangar for Aeroplex of Central Europe Aircraft Technology Center Ltd. was laid during a ceremony.
Ünnepélyes keretek között letették az Aeroplex Közép-Európai Légijármű Műszaki Központ Kft. újonnan épülő hangárjának alapkövét.

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Many thanks again to you and the team for your exceptional support on the recovery of this aircraft. You managed to turn the aircraft around in less than 24 hours and it is now in PSA after completing revenue service last night...

My sincerest thanks for all the work carried out for us since the New Year, with HKX now successfully departed we can step back and review all the positives, and maybe a few negatives from the last 7 months...

On 3rd of July TC-JLS returned to BUD after takeoff due to failed bolt which was attached to Flap lever. Captain couldn’t changed the flap position and it landed with safely with Flap 1 with high speed. The failed bolt Had dropped under the radio panel. After we opened the door captain had no hope and told me its impossible to solve The problem and most likely the aircraft will no go.

Your 2 guys are just finishing the final part now, they have been a huge asset to us, they have performed to an extremely high standard and we couldn’t have completed the work without their assistance.
The positive ‘can do’ attitude of Aeroplex is something DHL greatly appreciate and is part of the company mantra. Issues regularly resolved without involving DHL but contacted if guidance is required. Keep up the good work. Thanks from the DHL Air team.

Guy LarkinDHL Air


Afternoon Etelka,

I’d like to thank Aeroplex and the two guys sent to Stansted to assist with the cable replacement on the A320... A very professional and hard-working pair...

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Miniszteri elismerést kapott Demény Árpád, az Aeroplex Kft. ügyvezetője


Hungarian MRO Aeroplex announced plans to build a new 26,246 ft.2 widebody maintenance facility in Budapest by early 2022. Arpad Demeny, CEO of Aeroplex, tells James Pozzi...


Az Airbus A319-es beszerzésével egyfajta rendszerváltás vette kezdetét Kecskeméten.

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